We use modern effective technological equipment at all production stages. That allows us to comply with Russian quality standards aka GOST and protect natural environment from harmful pollutions.
It makes our dairy products so tasty and healthy - as you like!

15 years on Russian
and CIS markets
Product line of more
than 50 positions
Presence in all
regions of Russia
We produce STM products
for main retail networks
We have our own
Eco Laboratory

Mission and values


and openness

We are responsible to our consumers for each product we supply and for every single word indicated on the products’ packing. It also means that we used to strictly keep all agreements with our partners because honesty and openness are our main rules. Our success totally depends on trust of our customers and partners.


Respectable work
and solidary team

We are responsible to our employees taking everyone as a person and member of our big team. There is no indifference in our personnel either to each other or to the business. Our job has already become a big part of life for many of us.


To become the biggest producer
of dairy products
in Europe
To develop new
market segments
To improve quality of life,
to promote
healthy nutrition

Our pride


Quality Assurance

We are proud to have our own Eco Laboratory, which continuously controls all products quality on each stage of production. Complete cycle of our equipment performance assumes the minimal participation of employees in the production and quality control of dairy products - mistakes are excluded.


Verified manufacturing partner

Our products are being produced by JSC Ozeretsky molochnii kombinat - large production complex, which has earned the trust of partners and consumers.


Modern technologies and innovations

The production facilities of our partner are equipped with modern highly sophisticated European technological equipment. Automation of the process allows maintaining high quality and large volume of production.


Well-managed team

Behind each of our products are people who truly love what they do. We call our team a Family for the warmness and comfort that we enjoy every day working for you. Every person in our team is important and everyone can feel it.